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Primary Care 

  • Routine and Sport Physicals

Keeping up with regular checkups is the best way to stay healthy. NP Health One provides thorough and personalized physicals, as well as physicals especially for athletes.

  • Pediatric and Adolescent Health

Maintaining a healthy body is always important, no less so for the under-18 set. Children and adolescents can get routine checkups and screenings right here at NP Health One.

  • Women's Health

Women have a variety of unique and sensitive health challenges, which NP Health One is happy to address. Menstrual complications, family planning needs, and UTIs can all be monitored and tended to by our staff.

  • Men's Health

We also care for the unique health needs of men, including basic urology and hormone care.

  • Chronic Medical Conditions

Our team of doctors and nurses are prepared to help you safely manage a range of chronic conditions, including diabetes, migraines, and kidney disorders.

  • Immunizations

We offer preventative vaccinations to patients of all ages.

  • General Behavioral Health

Mental and emotional health is just as important as physical health. Our team’s general behavioral health treatment plans allow you to get critical guidance and begin addressing your struggles.

  • Routine Blood Tests

Regular bloodwork is important to monitor your health and provide early warning signs for many diseases and disorders. We can complete these routine blood tests right here at NP Health One.

Urgent Care

  • Allergic Reactions and Asthma

We can care for mild to moderate allergic reactions and asthma attacks, reducing irritation and increasing air flow. If you are having significant breathing problems, please seek emergency services instead.

  • Cuts, Burns, Bug Bites and Animal Bites

Our team provides expert wound care and intervention for mild to moderate cuts, burns, bug bites, and animal bites. They’ll also provide guidance for next steps and extended care depending on the significance of the injury. For severe cuts, burns, and bites, please seek emergency services instead.

  • Falls, Sprains, Strains, and Broken Bones

NP Health One can identify and care for sprains, strains, and broken bones sustained after a fall or collision. Our diagnostic tools allow for precision in discovering the nature of the injury and suggesting next steps for extended care. For moderate to severe head and spinal injuries, please seek emergency services instead.

  • Cold and Flu Symptoms

Whether you’d just like help with a persistent sneeze or are contending with aches and fever, our doctors are ready to aid with cold and flu symptoms. If you are having significant breathing problems or heart palpitations, please seek emergency services instead.

  • Upper Respiratory Infections

For infections affecting your sinuses or throat, such as laryngitis or sinusitis, NP Health One can help relieve discomfort and develop a plan to combat the infection. If you are having significant breathing problems or heart palpitations, please seek emergency services instead.

  • Mild Dehydration

If you believe yourself to be mildly dehydrated, our team can help get your body back to its normal state. Symptoms vary, but if you have a headache, fatigue, chills, raised body temperature, muscle cramps, and/or tingling extremities, seek help from our Urgent Care. For severe dehydration, please seek emergency services instead.

  • X-ray Imaging

Our X-ray technologists and radiologists are trained to reliably perform and read X-rays for whatever medical needs you may have.

  • Acute Diagnostic Tests, COVID-19 Tests

If you’re in need of a quick, acute diagnostic test, we may be able to help. We provide these types of tests for Covid-19, blood sugar, and more. Please call ahead to clarify if we have the test you need.

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