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  • When should I seek assistance from Urgent Care?
    Essentially, Urgent Care exists when you need to quickly be seen by a medical provider, but are unable to get an appointment with your primary physician, or don’t have one. Note that some situations may be serious enough to require Emergency Services (see below). Here are some examples of situations where seeking Urgent Care is especially appropriate: asthma attack, bloody nose that won’t stop, cold and flu symptoms, cuts and lacerations, ear aches, headaches, animal bites and stings, minor burns, rashes, sprains and strains, sports injuries, urinary infection, vomiting, and work injuries.
  • Does your care center provide X-rays?
    Yes! If you think you might have a sprain, fracture or break, come on in. N&P HealthOne Primary plus Urgent Care provides X-Ray services on site. The X-Rays are performed by our certified and highly trained X-Ray Technologists. An experienced radiologist will then read every X-Ray.
  • What are your hours?
    Both Primary Care and Urgent Care are currently open from 9am-6pm, Monday through Saturday.
  • What’s the difference between Emergency Services and Urgent Care?
    In general, an emergency is a sudden, serious and unexpected illness, injury or condition which may result in permanent injury or loss of life if not treated immediately. If you are concerned that such serious consequences may result from your injury or illness, please go to the emergency room rather than Urgent Care.
  • Do you take insurance? What is payment like?
    We accept many PPO, HMO, and Medicare insurance plans. Please check with our office for additional information. As far as payment, any copayment determined by your insurance company is due at the time services are rendered. If you have a deductible due, we are also required to collect this amount at the time services are rendered. Payment can be made using cash or most major credit cards.
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